Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I was born in Ecuador, but then I move with my parents to Barcelona. I have been living there for until I was 20 and then I decided to travel around when I got more stability.

When I was 20, I broke up with my boyfriend and decided to travel solo. My first place was Paris. I struggled a lot at the first time but it helped me grow as a person. That’s how my passion for traveling started. I truly think it is good for us to learn other culture. It can make us to think different totally. It opens our mind, brain and broaden our horizon.

This is why I choose to do e-commerce. Because it gives me so much freedom to go on continue traveling. I have a business that I do online and I wish to make Bali as my base. Because Bali is very similar to Ecuador. The people always smiling. We also love to smile, dance and do ceremonies.

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