Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

Actor / American / Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American /
Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American / Animal Welfare /
Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Brazilians / British / Business Consultant / Business 

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My name is Ricardo. I am originally from Italy. Throughout my life for most of the time I have been a basketball player. That’s what I have been doing for so long. Italy has been home for the majority of the time but I have been lucky enough to leave and travel. To live a little bit in the UK, Dubai and of course now in Bali.

I stopped playing basketball professionally at 22 and ended up working in finance for a year. It was going great but I was not ready to get stuck. I was looking a life with a little bit more freedom. That’s when I decided to coach CrossFit and fitness. Those are the things that I am also passionate about and I am grateful I can turn my passion into a job that can pay my lifestyle which eventually led me into Bali.

Bali has been such a big part of my life. It’s where I met my fiancé. It’s where I got engaged. It’s where I grew the most as a coach, as an athlete, and as a human being.

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:50 She found a better place in Bali over US 4:11 Her happy life in Bali inspired her to start a blog 6:34 The climate in Bali that made her to fall in love over New York and Europe countries 10:01 Bali has community […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:40 Why Peggy is in Bali now? 6:18 New great chance coming 09:50 She got wonderful house in Bali 15:50 The feeling of ‘breathing again’ 30:00 Setting goals in Bali to keep moving 40:38 The mirrors that I see here in this island Talk […]

Christine Hingston

"The constant tropical climate in Bali and the surroundings stimulate me to keep producing arts"

Digital Nomad

"It’s simple but happy life in Bali"

Yevhen Molodkin

"Living in Bali is a way of being honest with myself what I really want out of life"

Mio Yamaha

"I love Bali’s relaxing vibes. My travel blog invites Japanese to visit Bali!"

Business Owner

"To keep active and fit are really important to me, and Bali is such a perfect place to have healthy lifestyle"

Anna D

"Bali has many mysterious side. There’s still plenty to explore and to discover. And the real Bali is on the north side of the island"

Daria Bylina

"I just love the diversity of people whom I met in Bali. And I hope Bali choose me to reach my dream"


"I believe everything made from nature will come out good. Bali is a great art marketplace"

Business Owner

"My past experiences shaped me to be who I am today. And Bali welcomes me for my new journey"

Alessandro Frosali

 "I came to Bali to look for inspiration for my film script, just one song on youtube made me famous in Bali"



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Our commitment to run this community is simple, that is to provide tools for each member to be able to promote their Bali stories to others. Uploading to their social media and link to their personal website so others can follow the full story. Please see here to view the benefits of membership.

This community has a sole purpose - to promote Bali, more than just a holiday island, but memorable place to live in. From the members' real stories, people can follow and witness how their life improves because of Bali. There is saying either "Bali kicks you out or she sucks you in.

Wiki & Ilona Lee

a husband & wife team


I Choose Bali Brand


This community empowers others to inspire and to participate in promoting Bali that can bring more businesses for people in Bali. The project embodies our brand vision of "Bali Helps Bali" . Thus, each member will be provided with a personal website as the promotion tool to take parts in this community. The site consists of their video interviews of how they chose Bali as their special places to live or for their holiday destination or for their memorable wedding trip. The website also has the link to hashtags of their Bali journey that each member could update via instagram. That does not stop there, the website could also have the links to the articles or even projects & products the members are currently working on in Bali. 

By being a member in I Choose Bali community, he/she also automatically becomes an Uncover Bali member "Community of Online Business in Bali". This site provides a free content-making service like using our team to shoot or editing the promo video for the purpose of promoting the brand "I Choose Bali".