Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

Actor / American / Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American /
Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American / Animal Welfare /
Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Brazilians / British / Business Consultant / Business 

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 She moved to Bali because her interest in culture 0:17 How she loved the peach gum. 0:51 She make the production for peach gum 1:44 The first making of peach gum 2:35 She cannot leave Bali even there are many opportunities for her […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Planning to find work outside Bali but parents called her home 0:58 The start of the business 2:01 People like the cheesecake better than the dessert box 2:45 My family influence in cooking 3:19 Finding the right recipe of cheesecake by giving tester […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 First Dino was a reseller for Manado’s chilli sauce 0:44 How Sambal Kremoz started 1:44 Situation when pandemic hits Bali 2:46 What we sell at Sambal Kremoz 3:35 What’s good about our Sambal (Chilli Sauce) 4:37 The yellow rice is Manado style 5:16 […]

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I was actually looking to work in Bangkok. I was looking for a restaurant manager or hotel manager there. Then a friend of mine who is a chef was working in double sic plantation grill emailed me on Facebook and offered me a job opportunity there. I accepted it, loved it, loved the restaurant, loved the team, loved the gm and signed the contract straight away. It was very easy and quick.

There are plenty reasons why I love working in hospitality. But it really comes down to my love in food, cooking, wine, the wine and restaurant culture. I love to see restaurant that is full of people which everyone is having a great time, enjoying thear meals, laughing, chatting, and spending money of course. To me, restaurants are for celebrations, it’s a time to get together and have a good time.

I’m very grateful that I have a chance to stay and work in this beautiful island. The food on the island is world class truly. It’s mind-blowing how competitive the island is. There are high-end restaurants, the middle end, and of course the warungs. All of them serve the best food.

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I Grew up in Papua New Guinea. I went to live in Australia, Brisbane. I worked for an airline in marketing. Then I worked with languages in a university. After that I got cancer and my relationship wasn’t going very well. So I took a time off and came to Ubud. Initially I took a sabbatical but then I realized I wanted to stay in Ubud longer so I resigned from my job.

While I was in Ubud, I was already pickup cats, kittens, and dogs from the street. I was helping at BAWA. Then we set up a cat section in BAWA. Then it had grown so large so quick. That is how Villa Kitty started. It is a sanctuary. It is a shelter. Here, we must be so careful that the way we clean is hospital grade due to preventing all sorts of viruses, diseases, and skin problems.

I am a vegan and I believe humans could live alongside animals if we could stop being so egotistical for a second. I am trying to change the attitude towards animal and just try to be kinder to all living being.

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I didn’t do much. I was a front desk. What I did was answering phone call, arranging meeting rooms, simple tasks and I was playing pinterest many times in the past. There I saw all this travel photos, travel blogs, travel website. It got me thinking that there’s much more than where I am right now and I don’t want to spend my whole life sitting in the office. That made me pursuit my current job as a flight attendant.

Within those years of being flight attendant, I got what I wanted. I traveled to places I could never imagined going. But I also was missing a lot. I was missing birthdays, births, weddings, and I remember I was crying one time in my hotel room because I feel so lonely. I wasn’t realizing that it was also affecting my healthy physically and mentally.

That’s when people suggested me to do Pilates. I was doing Pilates then. During my days doing Pilates I got curious on doing Yoga which I did. Now, Pilates and Yoga are able to help me through my daily life.

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Trapped in Bali 0:59 The Beauty of Bali 1:56 Life goes on in Bali 2:56 Inspired from Singapore Trip 3:51 The correct time 4:46 The Project 5:41 The Wisdom from this difficult time 6:39 The retirement plan 7:39 Bali is One Big Bowl […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 I choose Bali 0:42 What happened in her life between Feb-April 2020? 1:40 The origin of Nomla 2:38 What I like with this new journey 3:31 Passion for perfecting 4:30 Working in tourism 5:24 Let’s stay positive 6:25 Bali Talk to me

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Was managing villa before, but due to Corona I found that I want to do this 1:00 Covid-19 has its bright side. It forces me to do something at home 1:54 It’s the cake I ate in my childhood 2:40 My husband requested […]

Christine Hingston

"The constant tropical climate in Bali and the surroundings stimulate me to keep producing arts"

Digital Nomad

"It’s simple but happy life in Bali"

Yevhen Molodkin

"Living in Bali is a way of being honest with myself what I really want out of life"

Mio Yamaha

"I love Bali’s relaxing vibes. My travel blog invites Japanese to visit Bali!"

Business Owner

"To keep active and fit are really important to me, and Bali is such a perfect place to have healthy lifestyle"

Anna D

"Bali has many mysterious side. There’s still plenty to explore and to discover. And the real Bali is on the north side of the island"

Daria Bylina

"I just love the diversity of people whom I met in Bali. And I hope Bali choose me to reach my dream"


"I believe everything made from nature will come out good. Bali is a great art marketplace"

Business Owner

"My past experiences shaped me to be who I am today. And Bali welcomes me for my new journey"

Alessandro Frosali

 "I came to Bali to look for inspiration for my film script, just one song on youtube made me famous in Bali"



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