Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

Actor / American / Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American /
Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American / Animal Welfare /
Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Brazilians / British / Business Consultant / Business 

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Introduction 0:36 Turning “Just making snack” into a Business 1:35 The difference of her snack to others 2:11 Planing to grow this home industry bigger and prefer to stay home 3:01 What’s interesting about Biang Keladi Bali 3:30 People flash back to their […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Being productive after two months jobless due to Covid 19 0:58 Making rice bowl because worrying her friends food during Covid 19 1:49 Decide to focus to her business because for her one person can be in many position if she runs her […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Why move to Bali and becoming housewife because no working Visa 0:57 Prefers to work from home while looking after her daughter 1:40 Craving for the cake but only few in Bali so decided to sell in Bali. 2:07 Getting order by giving […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 She moved to Bali because her interest in culture 0:17 How she loved the peach gum. 0:51 She make the production for peach gum 1:44 The first making of peach gum 2:35 She cannot leave Bali even there are many opportunities for her […]

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My name is Aron and I run sun and sage ethical vegan clothing. It links to supporting animals here, especially the street animals in Bali making sure that I can give them medication and save them from a poor life. My idea is to bring everything full circle. When somebody buys a product to know firstly how the products made and that they are made in an ethical way and second it also helps to rescue animal in Bali.

I am not all about veganism. I try to live so that everything I do leaves a positive impact on the planet. From my day job to what I do in my spare time. In my day job working with charities to give a little bit back to Bali. Making sure that children have access to education, especially children from poor background. I don’t want them to get stuck on that cycle.

Coming to Bali was the big eye-opener for me where I was able to change how I live a little bit with my work and my spare time to try to become a better person for the animals and the planet.

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I Grew up in Papua New Guinea. I went to live in Australia, Brisbane. I worked for an airline in marketing. Then I worked with languages in a university. After that I got cancer and my relationship wasn’t going very well. So I took a time off and came to Ubud. Initially I took a sabbatical but then I realized I wanted to stay in Ubud longer so I resigned from my job.

While I was in Ubud, I was already pickup cats, kittens, and dogs from the street. I was helping at BAWA. Then we set up a cat section in BAWA. Then it had grown so large so quick. That is how Villa Kitty started. It is a sanctuary. It is a shelter. Here, we must be so careful that the way we clean is hospital grade due to preventing all sorts of viruses, diseases, and skin problems.

I am a vegan and I believe humans could live alongside animals if we could stop being so egotistical for a second. I am trying to change the attitude towards animal and just try to be kinder to all living being.

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My mom got cancer, when she was diagnosed with cancer, our family were pretty distraught. We were thinking on what should we do. It was a wake-up call for everyone in the family, including me. Since then I started learning about what is health and why health is so important.

During that period of time, I learnt a lot about nutrition. What we eat is really important. We are what we eat. If we don’t invest since we are young we are going to feel the effect when we are old and it’s going to be too late to realize. We have to invest on it since we were young.

At first I see Yoga as a way into fitness. But in yoga itself, I found spirituality. I learnt so much about spirituality, breathing, meditation and ahimsa. It becomes more holistic. I applied all of that to my family first and into myself. From there, it became the thing that I do, my job. As a health coach and a yoga teacher.

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Found my place 1:02 I don’t want to change 2:03 Since I was young 2:58 Not my passion 3:56 Opportunity 4:47 You will be 6:19 I am not gonna move 7:20 My teacher Talk to me

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 What decision that made you open your business? 0:58 What is your story that made you choose to come to Bali? 2:00 How much time do you need to prepare your business? 2:56 What is your idea to create your own business? 3:36 […]

Christine Hingston

"The constant tropical climate in Bali and the surroundings stimulate me to keep producing arts"

Digital Nomad

"It’s simple but happy life in Bali"

Yevhen Molodkin

"Living in Bali is a way of being honest with myself what I really want out of life"

Mio Yamaha

"I love Bali’s relaxing vibes. My travel blog invites Japanese to visit Bali!"

Business Owner

"To keep active and fit are really important to me, and Bali is such a perfect place to have healthy lifestyle"

Anna D

"Bali has many mysterious side. There’s still plenty to explore and to discover. And the real Bali is on the north side of the island"

Daria Bylina

"I just love the diversity of people whom I met in Bali. And I hope Bali choose me to reach my dream"


"I believe everything made from nature will come out good. Bali is a great art marketplace"

Business Owner

"My past experiences shaped me to be who I am today. And Bali welcomes me for my new journey"

Alessandro Frosali

 "I came to Bali to look for inspiration for my film script, just one song on youtube made me famous in Bali"



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