Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

Actor / American / Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American /
Animal Welfare / Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Actor / American / Animal Welfare /
Art Director / Artist / Athlete / Australian / Austrian / Barista / Blogger / Brazilians / British / Business Consultant / Business 

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My parents say that since I was two years old I’ve always liked to draw. I was and still am inseparable from my paper and my pen. I like to draw so much that I couldn’t go a day without drawing. I’m not sure where it comes from but it’s a passion since a young age.

I do an order-commission panting. I grow my own panting Instagram for people to order. Besides that, I also do surrealism panting. Basically I use that to express some issues in this world that I think should be made aware by a lot of people and I want to bring that to people’s attention through my painting. It’s like creating poetries without words but rather with a creatier. I hope that it can somehow touch people’s hearts and make them realize some stuff that is important. I also hope that it can change someone’s perspective toward something and give a positive impact to the world.

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Love drawing since he was a child 0:49 His uncle is his number one inspiration 1:45 It was not easy earning money from painting 2:34 My uncle told me my strong point is in anatomy 3:09 Into modern arts, the tradition is forgotten […]

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 What decision that made you open your business? 0:58 What is your story that made you choose to come to Bali? 2:00 How much time do you need to prepare your business? 2:56 What is your idea to create your own business? 3:36 […]

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I come from Sweden. I keep doing what I want to do, doesn’t matter where I am but I drink coffee. I like to meet people. That’s what I do for life. I like to move around, go to new places. What I do for money for work would be also different. Working with coffee, working with good fitness, and a little bit of film and media. I like to have multiple jobs, do a lot of things, and meet a lot of people.

What I like about coffee really comes down to the people. A lot of places have food and coffee but what about the other elements around that. The people give you the experience you don’t expect. It triggers the emotional wow effects when you share your story and learn the lesson from someone that can teach you something about life.

I also start my own project called startingwith sticker where I create sticker based on the inspiration I get from drinking coffee, looking at patterns and movements. I go to a new place everyday for that.

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International travel to Bali was not something that I thought was ever going to be in my life. Where I came from, Los Angeles, in my head that time it was the thing that only rich people do. I was always sort of working to get comfortable to have enough and just being content.

I was working a lot and beginning to achieve the things that I wanted to achieve. I was rising through the levels that I wanted to rise to. I was kind of getting the things I wanted to get on a certain level. When I was 21, I would have done unspeakable things to be able to achieve what I had and I was not still satisfied.

Somehow, in the late 20s, I got the chance to visit my best friend in Bali. There I was struck by that outpouring of genuine kindness from the Balinese and just that care for one another. That genuine interest of service to another person for no sort of recourse or reward or anything just being kind to people for the sake of being kind. These are why I decided to stay and work here.

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 1:00 Routine in Bali that is so amazing 12:00 Digital Nomad in Bali 17:11 Designing and studying Biology 21:50 First experience as a graphic design 32:01 Balinese theme are beautiful 37:22 Challenges and solution in pandemic 41:38 Taget Market Talk to me

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 0:00 Living close to beach 2:20 Getting scholarship in Bali 6:10 Beautiful culture 9:00 Living his dream 12:30 Questioning about the world outside South Africa 15:00 Being Happy in Bali 17:30 Reading, Writing, and Taking Pictures Talk to me

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 1:00 How did you end up in Bali? 6:40 Inspiration comes more and quicker in Bali 8:35 Bali VS Jakarta Clients 16:29 Designing recognizable places in Bali 17:32 Considering Bali surroundings in designing 20:00 Flexibility in Bali Talk to me

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Getting to know me My Exclusive Interview with I Choose Bali 1:50 How he finally agreed moving to Bali 4:30 Kenya-France-england-Australia-Bali 7:16 The journey of becoming a photographer 10:50 First 6 months in Bali 13:30 He becomes a real photographer again in Bali 15:10 Similarities and Differences between Bali vs Perth as a photographer 17:36 […]

Christine Hingston

"The constant tropical climate in Bali and the surroundings stimulate me to keep producing arts"

Digital Nomad

"It’s simple but happy life in Bali"

Yevhen Molodkin

"Living in Bali is a way of being honest with myself what I really want out of life"

Mio Yamaha

"I love Bali’s relaxing vibes. My travel blog invites Japanese to visit Bali!"

Business Owner

"To keep active and fit are really important to me, and Bali is such a perfect place to have healthy lifestyle"

Anna D

"Bali has many mysterious side. There’s still plenty to explore and to discover. And the real Bali is on the north side of the island"

Daria Bylina

"I just love the diversity of people whom I met in Bali. And I hope Bali choose me to reach my dream"


"I believe everything made from nature will come out good. Bali is a great art marketplace"

Business Owner

"My past experiences shaped me to be who I am today. And Bali welcomes me for my new journey"

Alessandro Frosali

 "I came to Bali to look for inspiration for my film script, just one song on youtube made me famous in Bali"



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