Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

My name is Peter Byrne. I come from Dublin in Ireland. I am a professional musician, I play all over the world. I have a booking agency in Europe and I had been to Bali a number of times on holiday in the past. I am just kind of connective at the place and love the vibe. I really love the people here. There is an energy here in the island. I always kind of thought it would be amazing to come here and spend a bit of time to really get integrated with the local.

Now, I got myself an artist visa, Akitas, and came here to play some concert in some of the venues around Canggu like pretty poison, single fan venue. I want to make a base here so that I could come back in the future because I connect with the people and it’s really special. Also I think Bali is worth exploring and something just compelled me to come here and spend more time.

Due to this pandemic, I stopped playing concert and working with project called project makan Bali. Organizing food for the people that needs help.

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