Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I’m born in Finland. I moved around when I was kids due to father’s job. I majored in international relations and peace and conflict research. After having through my career in human rights. I moved to China, because I had a love for China.

It was good there. But when I was 30, I burnt out. I had a 30s crisis. I was quite depressed. My children and I were constantly sick with upper respiratory tract infection due to the pollution in Shanghai. So, My goal was to just get healthy again. I realized that we had so much poisonous residue in our body. I ended up meditating mainly for 6 months trying to find an answer. Eventually I found an answer which was that my purpose in life is to facilitate people’s path to healing. So I have to take care of myself first and studied a lot of studies.

Eventually, I opened living food lab in Bali. We offer high quality food. We have an excellent selection of healthy raw or cooked dishes. Our team has been trained to be very understanding of people with dietary requirements for health or ethical purpose.

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