Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I was actually looking to work in Bangkok. I was looking for a restaurant manager or hotel manager there. Then a friend of mine who is a chef was working in double sic plantation grill emailed me on Facebook and offered me a job opportunity there. I accepted it, loved it, loved the restaurant, loved the team, loved the gm and signed the contract straight away. It was very easy and quick.

There are plenty reasons why I love working in hospitality. But it really comes down to my love in food, cooking, wine, the wine and restaurant culture. I love to see restaurant that is full of people which everyone is having a great time, enjoying thear meals, laughing, chatting, and spending money of course. To me, restaurants are for celebrations, it’s a time to get together and have a good time.

I’m very grateful that I have a chance to stay and work in this beautiful island. The food on the island is world class truly. It’s mind-blowing how competitive the island is. There are high-end restaurants, the middle end, and of course the warungs. All of them serve the best food.

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