Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I’m Katy, I’m from Jersey, an Island by france, It’s part of the UK and it is pretty small. I have been working in a food industry as a chef for nine years already. I have won awards in the Uk for the British Heart Foundation for being an ambassador for helping people a lot with getting better, fitter, healthier.

I jumped into being just because of my little brother. He has diabetes and I used to look after him a lot. I was trying to make him healthy alternatives. From experiencing on creating healthy , I gained a lot of knowledge. So I was just trying to teach myself as I go and then I want to make a shop where everybody could come and eat that kind of healthy food.

I want to open a plant-based café similar what I did back at home but a bit different. It would be using local seasonal organic produce. Using that local Balinese people offer like using local Jamu Juices and just trying to incorporate everything.

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