Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

My name is Julie and I am from France. I moved to Bali when I was 13 years old with my family. I have always been a huge animal lover. Since I was 13 when we first went to Bali I started picking up animals in streets already like puppies and kittens.

I found puppy first time in a river when I was cycling with my friend. I took her home. Then after that quite often I would find kittens in the streets, brought them home, found homes for them and it’s just something that never ended.

One time I traveled to Japan and visited the cat cafes there. It was amazing and I thought I should open cat cafes here also in Bali. So, I came back and did a lot of research to do it. I was working at that time so I quit my job to focus more on working with animals.

The objective of the café is really a boarding facility for it to run by itself. So I would like to not rely on relations anymore to help the kittens.

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