Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

Before deciding to actually travel abroad to teach, I spent the majority of my career dealing with school management and leadership. It was always a passion of me. I think that being able to be involved in education is a noble thing to do with a lot of benefits and job satisfaction experience.

I started my first career in teaching languages in a school in London, mainly French, Italian, and a little German. I did that for many years. I learned those languages while I was traveling throughout Europe and decided to continue learning in the university. I had the chance to actually spend time in the countries where I was learning the language. It was easier and that stimulated me to teach languages later on.

Learning languages stimulated me to have a real taste of those world. That’s when I started to visit to another countries starting from Europe. Then I spent some time in Africa. It opened my eyes into new culture and new way of living. Then here in Bali, me and my wife opened a restaurant called the traveler to share those experience while traveling.

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