Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I was born and raised in Jakarta, but I had lived in Australia for 15 years and during those years I pursued tertiary education, got married and had a family in Sydney. Before moving to Bali, I moved back to my hometown, Jakarta.

In the last 14 years, we were enterpreneur, running our own wedding photography & videography. After moving to Bali, we founded I Choose Bali as we found Bali is such a unique place to attract many people from all around the world to live here. And those personal stories can be such inspirations to the world

We’ve always thought of retiring in Bali one day, as our work brought us to Bali plenty of times. The dream came true much earlier, and Bali offers much more than we expected, and now I understand why people choose to live here. It’s simple life here in Bali, it’s powerful but humble at the same time. It’s truly the best of both worlds between western & asian culture.

Bali has all the elements to support us to be productive and reach our goals, but at the same time having a meaningful and enjoyable life and still be ourselves . And I’m grateful to be here.

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