Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

My name is Artem and I choose this place to stay because why not. The weather is very nice, the atmosphere is beautiful, and more importantly the friendly, interesting and nice people here. It is strange for me to have these people around me that really care about my well-being. Always ask me how I am. It feels like back home.

I was an still am a tattoo artist. I previously worked in China. I like doing tattoo because I get to hear interesting stories about that specific person. During the moment I am making tattoo, we often talk. I get to hear on why they create those tattoos and their life. I like it because I can learn a lot from their life as well.

I want to create a tattoo studio here. Obviously, I want to make it legal respecting the place. Hopefully when the pandemic is over I can work with the tattoo studio here.

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