Who is Wiki & Ilona

Who is Wiki & Ilona

I used to work in finance in Europe, mostly in Switzerland and in France. I was also collecting a lot of street art, urban art, back then. But six years ago, I was tired with my job and my life in Switzerland and I wanted something a bit more challenging and exciting. I looked for a place where the graffiti on the street art scene was still pretty small but with a lot of potential and Bali is the answer.

I love art in general since I was young. I was lucky my parents took me to the museum to see some arts. I love the process of the creation of art. I love watching people painting wall or canvas. What I love about art also it connects people.

Graffiti is all about community. Graffiti in general also connects people. We meet with each other in our community and go somewhere to make beautiful arts. But a lot of people see that as dirty, nasty and vandalism. But that’s not the idea. The Idea is we pain beautiful murals in the community to make the
neighborhood look beautiful.

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