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The first time I found The Big Films was at a wedding fair, once I got home I told Vicky: “You have to see The Big Films' videos on YouTube. It is exactly what I'm looking for in photos and videos; intimate, romantic, and fun at the same time”. After he saw some of the videos and compared them with other vendors', it became an easy decision.

When it comes to photography and videography, I'm extremely picky because of my fear of being the center of attention, inability to pose, awkward feeling etc. However, they made the experience very enjoyable and memorable. The photos and videos came out natural and beautiful.

They are very open to any requests and suggestions. They pay attention to detail and care about our story. They have gone above and beyond. If we have chances in the future to capture more of our life moments, we will definitely choose The Big Films again.


I watched The Big Films' videos and they made me cry, while I didn't normally cry watching wedding videos by other vendors. So I wanted my wedding video to be very touching that it makes me cry.

We had fun planning for our prewedding trip with them, they even took care of us, we were like friends. They want to listen to our love story, find out what we are like and how we are as a couple. And on the wedding day it was very relaxing having our moments captured by them, we did not feel like we were being models, it was very fun.

They really gave their best on our wedding day, until late without complaining at all, they were always smiling and happy. And we are very happy with the results, our wedding and prewedding videos truly capture us and our story.


When both of us met the team, we clicked right away. We were comfortably chatting and making jokes. We both didn't really like being photographed, so we knew it's important to have wedding photographers and videographers that we are comfortable with. So it turned out we didn't only have prewedding with them, but we also had post-wedding session as well!

We had our prewedding while we were vacationing in Bali with our friends, thus our friends came along with us during the shoot. We simply had a great time hanging out together while we had our prewedding photos captured. During our post-wedding trip to Melbourne, we felt like we were travelling buddies, we stopped for coffees, walking around relaxing whilst enjoying the city.

We definitely miss spending time with them!


We met The Big Films back in 2014, where we just had an instant connection with them. Some people might call it "love at first sight".

When Muti stood there with tears watching their videos, our hearts were set in choosing The Big Films, and we never looked back since. They helped us enjoyed not just the wedding ceremony, but the whole journey towards marriage.

We enjoyed plenty of jokes and laughters together, throughout our pre-wedding photoshoot in Perth, Australia, studio photoshoot and also our wedding ceremony. Every meeting we had, it always turns out like long time friends just hanging out. The moments and experience we went through together with The Big Films, made us feel like we have become part of "The Big Family".

Bob & Lydia

When it comes to wedding videography, I’ve always known that I don’t like anything superficial. The key in determining a good video for me is simple: it is how I feel after I watch a film. Instead of feeling impressed, I want a video that makes my heart smiles, one that truly captures the joy of the day. So when we came across The Big Films, I barely had any second thought. Their videos speak to my heart. I couldn’t point out exactly what set their works apart, but I could tell that whoever made those films, they did it with their hearts, not merely with technical skills. And indeed, they don’t disappoint. We love our video so much! Even after watching it back numerous times, it never fails to remind us of the details and the happiness we felt that day. It is truly a precious memory keepsake ❤




The Culture of Traditional Indonesian Weddings

"Stories stays with you, Facts you forget".

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