In western society, they have Christmas day to come together as a family to celebrate things in life. Similarly to Chinese, they do the same thing on Chinese New Year. No different with muslim on Hari Raya.

No matter where you come from, there is always a day in a year to make people to stop (or sometimes forced) their daily routines to celebrate something in our life - to make memories. And we always love the concept of 'memory shapes our life'

Today is a Valentine's day, the day which most couples celebrate with someone they love. Well, I don't think the day is as important as Christmas or any other public holiday. In fact, it's rather more the day promoted heavily by companies to sell their products.

However, sometimes we need a day like Valentine's day. It's to reset our busy time to remind to make memories. Relationship as a husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend is no different to any other kind of relationship. When they are too far from each other (like in long distance relationship), sometimes it's easy to have misunderstandings.

But when we're together, we sometimes take things for granted. It's not easy to balance everything out, so the best way is to be normal but let one of the day to be those special day.

These day, society control how we should behave especially in digital life. I know social media like Instagram visually set some expectation for some other people to live life in such way. I personally disagree if we should live our life like that.

There are many ways to express love - the different love languages. Gift-giving is not the only way to express how much you care about the people you love. This little short movie from our team at The Big Films is nothing but to remind you about that. A simple act of waiting for your spouse to come home, and have homemade dinner together, says you care (quality time).

I like to use the quote from Meet Joe Black (movie) about what love is, “If you haven't loved, you haven't lived”