BOOK LAUNCH BY Veronica Halim (Truffypi)

" A Personalized Art "

Being a creative people myself, I understand that Veronica, having a graphic design background, loves being surrounded by beautiful things. In today’s world, there are just so many beautiful designs created every day, great talents found everywhere, chic products can be purchased at your convenience. However, creating an art led by a personal mind is not the common practice in today’s world.

People have tried to personalize a mass-produced gifts by putting words on them, such as “Get Well Soon!”, “Congratulations on your baby boy!”, etc. Yes, I agree it is nice to purchase cards and gifts to deliver our well-wishes for our friends. In fact, not everyone can do designs or make crafts. However, looking back, I have to admit that the most memorable gifts I have ever received were the ones personally made, or at least gotten with some thoughts put in. I tend to appreciate it more, knowing that they spared their time and put in their efforts to make me happy.

Seeing Veronica, I now know what differentiates a designer and an artist. A designer creates beautiful designs, while an artist pours his heart into his creation.

Vero is one artist that I know doing her art with her heart in it. Her inspiration comes from the Japanese who as known universally, creates the most delicate and thoughtful pieces of work. Seeing how the Japanese puts so much thoughts in personalizing their gifts, Vero was inspired to do her art the same way. She started writing her calligraphy as a form of a personalized, hand-written art. Making the beautiful strokes and letters with her own hand, creating words that come from within, results in such meaningful and heart-warming letters.

Having her aspiration rooted deeply in the Japanese culture, Vero returns to the country a lot, mostly to conduct a calligraphy workshop. Each time she comes, more people sign up for her class. Having established her name and inspired so many people with her writings, a book producer approached her to write a calligraphy book. Vero authored her first book in Japanese that is launched in April 2017. This book is a physical form of her passion, where it demonstrates her calligraphy styles and her aesthetics. Filled with beautiful writings and artworks, the book is truly an art piece in itself.