It was a two-day affair for Saman & Dila, as they both come from different cultures. The Groom, Saman, is a mixture of Chinese & Iranian, while the Bride, Dila, comes from Sumatra, Palembang.

Two days of beauty summarised into a Same-Day-Edit video presented during the wedding reception. We pushed the boundaries to present a 7-minute long SDE, and we hope it does justice to represent the culture, the family ties, and the love in this majestic wedding.

The wedding had many aspects that we want to bring into the video. The first day was filled with Islamic Ceremony to officiate their marriage, followed by the Palembang tradition of Munggah, where the Groom side is welcomed with tambourines, and the mother of the Bride lays a traditional piece of fabric (Songket) onto the Groom. After the Groom & Bride meets, they will have the Cacapan tradition. Here, parents of the Bride will feed the couple with sticky rice and roast chicken, and parents of the Groom will sprinkle rose water to the couples’ heads. And lastly, the Bride dances in front of her parents as a symbol of farewell.

The second day, a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony was conducted, followed by a Western-style sitting dinner to close the night. Everything was elegantly set-up to end this grand wedding, no details were spared. Nobody wanted the night to end!