Having been in the wedding industry for decades now, I have to say it's a huge privilege to have encountered many lives and their stories. Almost all wedding films or photography showcase the happiest, best moments in our lives, where we are happiest and prettiest. But for me personally, they're even more beautiful as I know the journey and story behind it, what they went through to get to this point in their lives.

Knowing Rizky story, I get his vows, I get why he said Helise is the evidence that God loves him. Rizky lost his dad when he was very young. Growing up only with his mom, he had to lose her to cancer. Having to carry the financial responsibility at his young age is not an easy task. Yet, after all the ups and downs of life, Rizky keeps his faith in God. He is one man with a big heart. He takes care of his friends like his own brothers [hence the 8 groomsmen].

Rizky met Helise when he had gotten up from the low point of his life. It was like a blessing to him that he met a woman with whom he could grow together in character and understanding. Magic by coldplay had become their couple song and the theme was brought to their wedding as their journey is kinda like "magic" to them.

One thing I learn from my couples story is that sometimes as human beings we don't know how did we get to where we are now, but it just happens. God leads every step of our ways to a destination sometimes we can't foresee. But I believe in every milestone, if we take a look back we'll see that everything, the good, the bad, happens for the better now. Congratulations Rizky and Helise!