CAKA 1940

" CAKA 1940 "

I remembered when my husband and I came to Bali for the first time for our honeymoon back in 2003, we told ourselves, this could be our home one day. Something about Bali that makes everyone feel in love. And most people whom I know said the same thing. To be honest, I couldn't spot one or two reasons, as there are many reasons about magical Bali that appeal to all of us

People easily think it could be the natural sceneries. Well, I'm definitely not going to deny that as it is one of the biggest reasons. But over a decade later after we first landed in Bali, the island is still as beautiful and as attractive as before, so I figure it must also be the people.

I have met many different kind of people in this life from different cultures and countries, and I consider Balinese on the top of my list of the nicest kind of people you want to live with. I think it's their laid back-ness, and they have this peacefulness aura within them, as they seem to be untouchable with the influence of the outside world, .

I would say their natural religion, Hindu, teaches them so.

Last weekend, Balinese celebrated their Nyepi day or what are known as “Day of Silence”. If you are in Bali for Holiday during that period, you are expected to stay wherever you are. It's advisable to stay at your hotel area as people cannot do any their normal daily activities

Nyepi is a day reserved for self-reflection (refer to WikiPedia). In fact, it's also a new year day. In other words, the religion teaches its people to press the reset button on their lives and to reflect on what they can do better. It would be the same way as a new year resolution, the only difference is, the religion tells them so.

Like any new year activity in any kind of culture, the day after is a celebration day. We enjoyed the celebration as we've never seen it before. This is our official first year in Bali (Uncover and The Big Films are preparing our new office as we speak. Hopefully we're going to announce it soon).

Anyway, the one ritual event that we witnessed was Ogoh-ogoh, where people parading on the street by lifting the demonic statues to be burned, symbolically cleansing away our lives from negative or evil spirit.

I am sure there are many reasons why Bali is such a dream place to have a holiday or even to live in. I would say this kind of “slow-down” life is what makes Bali so special in maintaining a wonderful hospitality and keeping the culture intact.

Come next year to experience this ritual event. In the mean time, feel free to share our video on this blog around or by download here to tell the world how wonderful Bali truly is.