leticia + haryanto


Meet Leticia and Haryanto aka Lia and Ping!
They are one fun couple who loves to do silly things together.

One session on their prewedding was in ice-cream stall. When most prewedding, couples seek to look fun as if they are having a good time. But for them, they just want to have a good time, not to look fun. I guess that’s the difference. They just love to do things as if nobody judge them. Quite an inspiration for us.



Marriage is like eating icecream together.
They can’t dig in too fast, it’ll fall down. And definitely they can’t do it too slow, as it’ll melt down.
Communication is what they need to balance it.
Ice-cream is always more fun when it comes with two flavours – two different characters or personalities. They can’t mix them but they can blend the flavours in the mouth and get that unique mixture
You can fix all the problem after eating ice-cream. You can never go wrong with it.
Happy times.



Prior to sending our team to every session, we studied them online or listen their story one by one. That’s how we know what kind of people they are, understand them uniquely. One of the posts on Leticia’s instagram that caught my eyes was the feed post when she alongside her sisters dancing in the car. That’s how you know we are dealing with one genuine person like Leticia over here. She’s never afraid to have fun with people she’s comfortable with.

And it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, Haryanto is like her sisters, one of the people she is enjoying her time with. There were many silly moments and high-fives to each other as if they were like high-school buddies during our short meet-up.

I could sense straight away that they have such a great chemistry. They have been together for a long time. Long-distance relationship and up & down moments are their journey to get where they are now.



Once again, the thing we love most about our works is to meet these kind of people, genuine and beautiful souls. They remind us when meeting the right person, it’s all about having fun while walking on the journey.

We’ll see you guys real soon on your wedding day. 😀