I like watching people. Observing their behaviors, their interactions, there is just something always intriguing about people. That being said, I notice that many couples, especially those that have been together for a longer period of time, they are bound by love and commitment, but they don’t necessarily always “like” each other. Of course, in the beginning, everything would seem perfect. Even if your partner has some flaws, it is shadowed by the romance that mostly people just close one eye about it. But, after years pass by, the flaws become more and more noticeable and irritating. As much as you love your partner, they are not as picture-perfect as they used to be anymore.

Kevin and Jessica have been together for twelve years. Throughout all those long years, they must have created so many beautiful, happy memories. Yet at the same time, I believe they must have faced each other’s ugliest attitude and seen each other's worst temper. So, when I heard Kevin’s vow of how strongly he still admires Jessica and how she is still his role model, I can’t help but respect her even more.

Jessica once shared a story to us about the hardship she went through. There was this period of time in her life that she struggled so much in her career, so badly that it was literally the lowest point in her life. Listening to her story, and how she prevailed in the end, I knew she was a strong, admirable woman. But that vow on their wedding day, to me it says a lot more than what could meet my eyes in my short time knowing them. I could only imagine how through those 12 years of togetherness, Jessica must have been a figure that is consistently loving, supporting, enduring, persevering, gentle and yet strong for Kevin. Tirelessly at that.

Everyone knows that you can’t make someone fall for you. But being together and persistently loved by someone with such admirable characters, there is no way you’re not touched. You would want to be a better person for her, and your love and respect would only grow deeper over the years.