I am a big believer that man and woman are wired differently. Equally capable, we have different roles. That is why we have a soft spot in our hearts that the opposite gender can attract.

Ivan and Gladys’ story started as an unreciprocated love from Ivan’s side. Gladys even tried to avoid him numerous times. Until one day, Gladys was driving and when she was about to make a u-turn, she couldn’t do it because of the upcoming traffic from the opposing direction. Ivan, being the gentleman that he was, moved his car to block the traffic and gave way for Gladys. It was then and there that Gladys' heart was touched. Isn’t it such a simple, honest story? Yet it was effective! She felt like Ivan was that protective figure that could protect her.

I bet Gladys’ familial background does play a role in this happening. Gladys comes from a closely-tight family where she has three older brothers. Being the baby and the only girl in the family, she is used to being very protected by her brothers. It was very apparent during their wedding day.

The one brother who looked most stern and serious, turned out to be the most emotional one during the wedding ceremony. As Gladys got that same sense of security from Ivan’s gesture, he definitely scored big time in her heart.
This is the beauty of the differences between men and women. While men has a natural instinct to protect his own, women are generally attracted to those who can make her feel safe and secure. There is no denying, this is certainly one way we can show and feel loved.

Ivan and Gladys, thank you for sharing your sweet story and for the friendship you offer. May your marriage be filled with utmost joy and happiness!