Welcome to @uncoverbali !

Over the past few months, we've been cooking up a storm to prepare and launch Uncover to the public. Finally the book is ready, this is version 1.0 of our efforts.

Uncover is borne out of our love for Bali Weddings, told through the eyes of storytellers (ie. photographer and videographer) Why Bali, you may wonder? Bali is the author's (Wiki Lee) own dream destination wedding. And having been experiencing countless weddings in Bali, we conclude that Bali is indeed the best habitat for The Big Films because the weddings here are always so special and memorable.

So we teamed up to launch Uncover, a channel dedicated specifically for Bali Weddings.

Series of episodes, exploring topics related to every details of planning a wedding in Bali will be available on Uncover's YouTube channel. You would witness our collaboration with the best vendors available and real stories from ex-Bali couples to provide the best insights into Bali weddings.

“Nothing really beats a printed book”

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of printed book, and we wanted to craft a wedding guidebook to answer future brides' curiosity in planning a destination wedding. With this goal in mind, we have put together beautifully binded books filled with artistic imagery, complete with curated topics, to equip future brides with the right knowledge to attain their dream wedding.

From the author @wikilee “The book speaks from my own experiences as a photographer and videographer over a decade. The book is filled with stories, practical tips and tricks in preparing future brides to start planning in the right direction”

We sent limited copies at the beginning of the year and we've been receiving rave reviews from people whom we've given exclusive preview of the book (check out the video here), and we couldn't be more thankful for people who have contributed to make this book happens!

You will be able to purchase the printed book.

We are doing this because we love Bali to be nominated as the best wedding destination location in the world! If you are wedding vendors, ex-couple or future brides who have something to do with Bali, we'd be looking forward to hearing your participation!
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Ilona Lee
Editor in Chief