This world we live in consists of so many kinds of people with various characters and personalities; millions of lives walking on their respective journeys. And from these millions of people, some are destined to cross paths with each other, becoming a part of each other’s life. Thus, we see so many different combinations of characters when it comes to couples. For example, there is a combination of someone bold with a gentle spouse; there is another combination where both sides are very career-driven; another type can be someone with boyish charm being with a more reserved character, etc.

The fact there are just so many varying types of human characters being attracted to one another always fascinates me.In Don and Yvette’s case, they are both quite similar people in my eyes. Even though they came from two very different backgrounds, they both ooze the same persona.

Don was born and raised in Surabaya, while Yvette came from Hong Kong. Don is one gentle, mature, kindhearted man who pretty much posses all the qualities a girl would want. Compatibly, Yvette is your sweet neighborhood girl who is strong, independent, and yet very gentle and tender-hearted. Though the two were raised in very different cultures and upbringings, life brought them together as they met each other in Sydney.

As a wedding storyteller, I have met so many different couple-combinations. With Don and Yvette, I love how they both have that low-key, gentle relationship where their personalities just fit perfectly. They just seem so compatible with each other, understanding and quietly loving. Not every interesting love story needs an flashy personality. Theirs is definitely a very sweet one.