As we've always claimed that we're pursuing stories and genuine memories, we LOVE when our couple has many natural small moments. Lydia is one of our own. Coming into her wedding, we knew we had to work hard as she always said she wants to remember her wedding day as a day filled with joy and happy memories. But seeing everything unfold during the day, we didn't have to work that hard at all.

Bob and Lydia once told me that their dream wedding was actually a small, intimate wedding in the countryside. They don't like formalities. All they wanted for their wedding day is to be surrounded by their closest family and friends, in a beautiful natural setting, laughing, conversing, and simply enjoy everyone's presence in their biggest day. Of course, it's not easy to have that living in Jakarta and all. Yet they stayed positive. They told me, "If we must have a ballroom wedding, we're going to have the most intimate ballroom wedding possible." And you know what, that came true!

All day long we enjoyed how natural they were! Here are the things we love: her interactions with her Dad, her 3 brothers' protective reactions when Bob was picking her up, the Best Man 10 minutes speech, his emotional father, the cutest niece and nephews, their unreserved laughters, and the list goes on! It was such a beautiful, intimate day. During the reception they only spent 30minutes on stage and spent the rest of the night mingling around with their friends. Honestly it reminded me of Bali weddings, in a Ballroom, in Jakarta.

Bob and Lydia, congratulations that you got your dream wedding came true! We're so happy for you. This video is filled with so many beautiful moments and I hope it brings you joy watching it back. xoxo