You Are The Love of My Life READ MORE Uniquely You *Alternative* READ MORE Philipus Olivia Bali READ MORE The Heritage of Printmaking storytelling She is a quiet lady with a big mission. She found her love for letterpress back in Australia, and that love inspired her to bring the beautiful heritage of printmaking back to her home country, Indonesia. She longs for more people to experience the beauty and the art of letterpress. Her mission is to bring back this printmaking heritage to life and marrying it with modern minds, creating beautiful art pieces while respecting its origin. READ MORE A Personalized Art storytelling As creative people, it is very common that many of us appreciates and enjoys beautiful things. However, what makes an artist is not merely how beautiful their craft is, but what message or value their creation embodies, how much of a heart it carries. Veronica Halim is such artist. Inspired by how personal the Japanese prepares their gifts, Veronica puts her soul in her calligraphy art, personalizing it to warm her people's heart. READ MORE Journey to The Past storytelling Loving beautiful, feminine details, Fetty was inspired deeply by her mother, someone who personally made clothes for her families back in Palembang. After her Mom passed away, it was a huge blow on her. She needed to distract herself and finally mustered her courage to move to Jakarta and fought hard to pursue her passion in fashion industry. Started from rock bottom, today her name is part of the international fashion show in Paris. READ MORE Student for Life storytelling Kebaya is one of Indonesian people’s pride. It is such a beautiful tradition that manages to display both ethic and aesthetic at the same time. A woman wearing kebaya always radiates elegance and charm. Vera is one of, if not the most well-known Kebaya designer in Indonesia today. Driven by her dream to create a timeless yet modern Kebaya, her success story lies on her endless learning attitude where she constantly widens her knowledge and sharpens her taste. READ MORE Evergreen Friendship storytelling This is a story about a beautiful friendship, sisterhood, and love among 4 beautiful ladies who share the same heart in wedding-organizing: Angel, Ria, Akte, Renate. These 4 ladies didn’t come from the same background, do not meet each other on daily basis, have varying personalities, yet interestingly, they make the best partners. Working in such intricate industry, throughout the years they have successfully made Artea into a well-known wedding organizer without having one single big fight. READ MORE The Host storytelling “Where there is a will, there is a way” - I think that’s where Natasha’s heart at. As a floral artist, she admitted that she learned everything she knows from the books. Surely, I believe there are many things that any book can never teach us, things you can only discover by going out there, visiting other part of the world to seek for the best flowers exist. Knowing this, there must be something in Natasha’s heart that are bigger than just knowledge and talent. READ MORE A Life of Passion storytelling When I look at Irene, I see a modern Kartini. It is because of her determination to fight for her passion and to overcome the under-appreciated perception about wedding organizer back in early 2000, not to add the fact that she is a woman. Today, Irene has become one of the key figures in Indonesian wedding industry best known by her professionalism and hospitalities. READ MORE

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