Real Life Stories

Sylwia Mickie

  “For me, personally, I don’t think I need an expensive life. I can sleep in warung, st ...
September 26, 2016


  “I've encountered many 'what if's.' What if I don't work part-time..I can definitely e ...
September 26, 2016


  “My real passion is in the world of photography. It all started when my dad bought a c ...
September 26, 2016


  “My boyfriend and I are engaged already. It is supposed to be a happy moment where you ...
September 20, 2016


  “One day, my friends and I were hitchhiking in Greece. We stopped one guy that was act ...
September 20, 2016


  “I've been battling against sickness and lost relationships. Sometimes, the feeling of ...
September 20, 2016

Storytelling works

JORNEE: Aeden & Lucia

I have met Lucia back in 3 years ago in Houston's her sister wedding. She's still single. In fact, s ...
September 2, 2016

The Big Films Introduction

There’s something utterly special about weddings. It is the most celebrated than birthdays, anniver ...
September 1, 2016

#whatwelove: The People

The people present in the wedding marks the heart of the couple both in the present and future with ...
September 1, 2016

Interview with David & Putri

Known for their fun, hilarious wedding, David and Putri are couple that values the true meaning of m ...
August 31, 2016